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Meet our Team and School Council
Our Teaching Team
Mrs S Smith
 I am the Head Teacher of a fabulous school and I teach across all 3 classes at some time during the week.
Mrs C Evans
Class 1 Teacher

I am the Class 1 teacher and currently have Foundation Stage and Year 1 in my class.

Mrs C Cook
Class 2 Teacher
 I am the Class 2 teacher currently with Year 2 and 3. I also see the whole school for singing and music!
Miss S Brewster
Class 3 Teacher 

I teach Years 4, 5 and 6 in Class 3. I also teach class 2 sport.

Mrs R Evans
SENDCo and Class 2 Teacher 

I teach Years 2 and 3 in Class 2 on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our Teaching Assistants
Mrs J Baxter
Class 1 Teaching Assistant
 I have been at school for a long time. I have had 3 sons and 2 grand children at this school.
Mrs G Clapton
Class 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Y Featherstone
Class 3 Teaching Assistant
 I help all the children in Class 3 with their learning and am a good artist!
Our Admin & Support Team
Mrs R Ayland
Academy Business Manager 
 I work here on Firdays dealing with the budget and business aspects of the Academy.
Mrs J Watkins
 I deal with all general admin and I am the first port of call for all pupils and parents.
Mrs F Defeo
Finance Administrator 
 I look after the day to day running of the school budget.
Our School Council

School council members are voted onto the council by their peer groups once a year. They meet once a month to discuss topical issues around the running of the school. This year they have decided organise their own school fundraising event to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Our School Council Reps
Year 1 - Ava May
My name is Ava May, I am in year 1 and am on the School Council.  
Year 4 - Isabel
My name is Isabel, I am in year 4. If you have any good ideas I will be the first to jot them down!
Year 5 - Esme
I am Esme and I am in Year 5 but I don’t have a Year 5 mind, we’re all like that!
Year 6 - Oliver
My name is Oliver and I am in Year 6 School Council so I have lots of responsibility.
Year 2 - Ruby
My name is Ruby and I help people and I am in School Council in year 2. 
Year 3 - Emmy
My name is Emmy and I am in year 3 and I like singing and dancing.
Year 5 - Lewis
My name is Lewis, I am in year 5 and I’ve always wanted to be in School Council. Now I’m in it I will be one of the best members ever.
Year 6 - Casey
My name is Casey and I’m a year 6 School Council member. I’ve only been in this school for 2 years and I’ve been hoping to be in the School Council and here I am!